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First time leading a class

The first time leading a yoga class was nerve wrecking but I enjoyed it very much. It was such a valuable lesson. I’m a natural introvert and speaking in public was always a challenge for me. Back in university, I dreaded discussion time. However, teaching yoga brings me out of my comfort zone and I feel very empowered. I really enjoy the process of creating sequences as I can be creative. The hardest part is to teach it 🙂

The first class didn’t go as well as I hoped. I completely forgot the sequence and had to improvised. Thank god my classmates didn’t realise it. I need work on my voice as well because i Know i talk fast and high pitched voice when i’m nervous. I was too proud to not save the sequence as my screensaver. It’s never good to be over-confident :). There is a lot room to improve. Thank you Jessica for all the feedbacks and advices! I will remember everything you said by heart and work on it! Now I need to learn to be a poised and calm teacher.