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Formation of New Habit: Mable

Forming a habit is easy, but does not mean it’s easy. This requires repeating the same
activity at the same place at the same time until it becomes automatic. According to
Maxwell Maltz, a new habit takes a minimum of 21 days to form. Duration of habit
formation is differed depends on individual and what are trying to do.


My YTT teacher has seen our body weakness after few weekend classes and decided to
give us weekly homework. This is to improve our physical strength, flexibility and lower
injury risk when perform yoga especially advanced poses in the future. She requests us to
do some drills or practice some poses and film it.


No doubt that it really helps strengthen my body. It also makes it a habit of mine
unconsciously. I will stop whatever activities when the clock strikes at 6pm. Go to the same
spot in the house, roll out my yoga mat and started video my homework. Sometimes I will
self-practice of some poses which I think I need to work on after I have submitted my


Sometimes it can be a real struggle to do it by myself. When the teacher honestly pinpoints
the error I made and what I need to tweak, I become more determined to practice the drills
and perfect the poses every time. Excitement came when I know I did better than yesterday.
Unfortunately, I have forced to make a pause when I took my 2nd dose of vaccine. This
makes me feel irritated when I’m not allowed to do any exercises inclusive the homework
for at least a week. This also makes me aware of this new healthy behavior has consistently
continue, eventually form a new habit within me unconsciously.


To be honest, I’m quite enjoying this new habit and decided to maintain it even after the
end of this YTT journey.


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend