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Funny me teaching experience Cindy

It’s was my first time teaching yoga class yesterday. I always have the phobia of speaking in front of bunch of people. And I got panic again. Heart rate up and whole body shaking. Everything went well at the first 15 mins then suddenly the whole class burst into laughing when I was giving demo and instructions. I really didn’t know what happened but I was pretty sure that I must have said something funny accidentally again. After the class they told me I said that “ lift your left leg up and keep you leg paralysed (parallel) on the floor “ ??? oh man… what a teacher I am. Hahahh… and once in the practice of giving instructions for Savasana I also said “ now relax your whole body. Start to feel your legs healthy (heavy).” Well for sure they could totally get relaxed after I said that.
I really don’t know what will came out of my mouth again during my class. Why I always pick that similar pronunciation but funny words?! ?? But I never felt shamed about it. Because everyone had fun and I also. It’s a good thing that I brought everyone joy and laughter.
And it’s really good experience and chances that I could practice to couquer my fear.
Really nice to be a part of the YTT team. Everyone’s really nice in the class. They’re all kind and sweet to me. It’s only one week left for it. I really don’t wanna say goodbye to all of it. 🙁