Gayle Nerva 1/6 Asana’s with an injured hand

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hello world! Lemme just introduce myself to you guys.. My name’s Gayle Nerva and I love food. hahah. I also love music, and art and movement.. I am an actress and singer by profession and I dance like an idiot cause.. well.. It feels awesome.

Anyway! It’s week 3 of my 200 hr weekend YTT and it has awoken a part of me that has been asleep for way too long. It’s a cozy group of spirited individuals, and Jessica never fails to lead us beautifully in our practice.

We started the morning off with some partnered yoga poses. Sitting back to back for a forward fold and back bend stretch.. touching our feet to each others for a partnered boat pose.. This really allowed us to bond physically as well as mentally with our classmates! All while having so much fun!

Today, however was a little frustrating for me as an old injury had flared up a couple days before, and I couldn’t put weight on my right hand. (trigger finger in my right ring finger) Jessica kept reminding me not to do certain Asanas. I had to sit out all the Vinyasas.. SAD!

BUT! It was quite interesting watching everyone around me do their Vinyasas, and working out newly learnt postures. Observing how Jessica would correct someone’s alignment or watching how someone would transition into their next pose was rather educational. We were taught how to enter into Feathered Peacock ‘Pincha Mayurasana’. Going from Forearm Plank ‘Phalankasana’ into Dolphin pose, followed by One Legged Dolphin ‘Ardha Pincha Mayurasana’ and finally up into Pincha Mayurasana.

There’s Roxane rockin her headstand, Salamba Sirsasana

Of course, I was itching so badly to try this sequence out for myself, but I couldn’t! Live vicariously I did.. I guess I learnt how to practice my self control and patience.. and allow my body the time to heal. Okay! Now channelling all positive healing energy to my hand!


Much love. Namaste.