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Estrina: Getting into Yoga and its meaning to me

8 years ago, my mom dragged me to a yoga class at a community centre and I completely forgot about it until receiving a Facebook throwback notification recently. It’s a pity we didn’t take a photo back then, we’d probably have such a good laugh and time reminiscing.

Yoga started out as just a physical practice for me and though it still is a huge aspect of yoga is to me, it isn’t all it has to offer. Back then, yoga was really just to ease my shoulders and upper back aches. I also enjoyed that while I could be practising with a ton of people in the room, I was free to make mistakes (of course taking the mat at the back played a part too ;X). Already caught in a rat race at work, I needed something non competitive for balance.
The realisation that yoga could be something more than just a good sweat session came one day after attending a healing nidra class at the yoga barn. It wasn’t planned, it just happened to be one of the class that suited my timing. I was going through an uncertain period of my life and I thought I’d pop into the class out of curiosity and desperation to feel better.
The initial thought that came to my mind 15 mins into the class was “sian… I am gonna waste 90mins here just sleeping.” But I was ready to eat my words after easing into class, I remember lying there and feeling a wave of calmness. I am slightly embarrassed to admit tears couldn’t stop rolling down my cheeks through the guided visualisation exercise. It felt like tears of release. Release of emotions and I felt at peace with myself, with life.
That was the time where I had an inkling that perhaps yoga is more than just the physical practice to me, and I was ready to dig beyond the physical practice. A week after, after seeing that one mat was left for Feb 2020 YTT, I took a leap of faith 🙂
While there are no photos of the 1st yoga class I attended, here’s an old photo of me after at a yoga class 5 years ago at a community centre.
No lululemons, no liforme, just a happy girl practising.
Still proud to say, I’m still smiling like this after every class (Well, okay, most! Cannot exaggerate!)
Till the next post.
Be well,
Feb’20 Weekend YTT