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Good habits while practicing yoga

I would like to share some good habits with all the yoga practitioners which help us enhance our yoga practice.

1. When we practice yoga, everyone’s body is different. Yoga is not a difficult asana competition. Each process is a kind of asana, if we keep comparing with other and not listen to our own body feeling. Soon or later, you might feel physically and mentally exhausted and even injure yourself during practice. Listen to the feelings of the body, practice as much as you can and enjoy the process of yoga.

2.Other than a healthy body, there should also be a yoga soul. Yoga is not only asana practice, but also a broad and profound culture. Reading and understanding the history and culture of yoga will help us improve our routine practice.

3.Yoga is a combination focus of the mind and body. So if you are worrying or bothering something. Please don’t practice yoga until you are confident to put all those distraction aside and only pay your attention on your practice. I would suggest to go for a run or swimming if your brain is overloaded and you are unable to remove them through your mind.

4.Relaxing postures are also important for yoga practice. We used to see people walking out to the class before savasana as they think it’s just lying down and sleep. In fact, savasana can quickly relax all parts of the body tension, eliminate fatigue and refresh our mind. It’s as important as surya namaskar practice.

5. One hour before and after yoga practice is not advised to have food as yoga practice involves twisting, forward bending ,inversion and other movement. It might caused dizziness, nausea or gastric reflux if you are having a meal right before yoga class.

As we all know, yoga practice is not only just stretching of body, it lies in the feeling and awareness. By improving your body awareness, you can only body in alignment and avoid injury , but also make faster process in yoga asana.