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I joined this 200hr YTT not knowing what to expect, but I am so grateful with the choice I made to do it with The Yoga Mandala.


First of all, I have to thank Alexis. You were so helpful from the beginning and probably the reason why I chose The Yoga Mandala. Always patient and responsive when I had many queries about the YTT course. You were also really supportive & whole-hearted when you taught. I am super grateful because I cannot imagine doing this YTT elsewhere.


I am so grateful for all the beautiful people on this journey with me: Suzanne, Sophia, Shivonne, Ivy, and Yuqi. Everyone was also encouraging and uplifting. Especially after my first teaching class, when everyone was there to support me, it is always so amazing to be surrounded by such positive people <3


Suzanne: thank you for meeting me sometimes outside of our classes to practice. It was so fun learning and taking loads of photos. You were also so great with giving me advice to make me better.


Shivonne: my adjustment buddy. It was amazing working with you every time we got paired up; you always have so much patience with me when we work together.


Sophia: though you were always so quiet, you always made me laugh. You had such a positive energy to yourself, and definitely one of the sweetest people I know <3


Yuqi: I will really miss the times you laugh in class, and your tears of joy. Whenever I laughed in class, I know you’d be laughing along with me :’)


Ivy: You were always such a great supporter, whenever I felt stressed or thought I wasn’t great in a certain aspect. I know I could always count on you to cheer me up.


And most of all I have to thank Jessica. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more amazing and loving teacher. You were always strict on us when needed, but we also had so much laughter during our classes. I am going to miss how you have a funny story for everything. You were not only able to bring out the best in me, in terms of asana training; you also gave us so much knowledge during out theory lessons. What resonated with me the most were the life lessons you taught me that will impact my life outside of yoga. I will strive to spread love around to my students and also to be confident in who I am as a teacher. I have learnt to manage my emotions better throughout my entire journey here. I couldn’t have learnt more and had a more patient teacher.


Though I have come to an end of my YTT course, I am just at the beginning of my yoga journey. Sending so much love to all of you and everyone reading this <3 <3