Grow your awareness and Love your body. 5/6 Su Yeon (Janet) Hong

YTT has been a transformative and insightful journey, especially when it comes to how I feel about my body. I am now convinced that, if you want to learn to respect your body, the only thing better than yoga is lots and lots of yoga (YTT could be a good thing) 😊


I became more aware of my own body and learnt to appreciate everything it does for me. I don’t have long legs (which turned out good thing for a lot of yoga asana), my arm strength was too weak to do Chaturanga, and my core haven’t been activated for long.

Learning about myself also includes getting to know my mind. I found myself confused about left-right side so often and that was because I was not present, thinking so many other things not focusing on my own practice.

So now, I calm down my mind with breathing and bring awareness to each part of my body. Try to feel what is my limit and challenged myself and noticed a small improvement on the mat every day. Like a deeper forward fold, more minutes in Chaturanga, softer hoping in a vinyasa, a bit of more sense of balancing on my head stand. This consistent improvement in my body has been a confident boost like no other I have ever experienced. I’m no longer feeling frustrated from comparing myself to others. It is really my journey and I was able to witness my full potential. My sweat brought me strength, joy and pride. I appreciate for what I accomplished throughout this journey and I’m now in a practice of gratitude.