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Headstand: Shuyan

If you ask me, why did I choose to attend the Yoga YTT class, maybe I can give lots of rational reasons like learning how to self-exercise at home, learning Yoga systematically, becoming strong, etc. In fact, the actual reason is the calling, the signal. I simply caught it and acted. In life, most of the people believe that we are rational and logical being. But I do believe in something else. I feel there is an ultimate version of me giving the current me guidance in life ever now and then. Maybe I cannot tell the reason at this moment, but it always connects with my other life experiences which are yet to happen. Every moment in life is a miracle, so is this YTT journey. The class is reaching the end. As someone who never experienced inversion before, I am proud of my achievements like headstand. In this article, I want to talk about how Jessica helped me to learn headstand.


The foundation is all the pushup practices and hamstring stretching poses which happened in the first month. After one month exercise, I was able to enter the first stage of the pose.


To begin the pose, one should come into the tabletop position with forearms on the mat, then grab the hands to create a triangle space for placing the crown of the head. Afterwards, one needs to straighten the knees and walk the feet forward so that the hip can be closer to right above the shoulder. Then, lifting one leg back and up, foot pointing to the ceiling and gently hop up. Beginners usually practice this against the wall. I had the problem of round my back initially, Jessica helped me to go up to experience the pose, soon after, I was able to do it on my own. Through the whole practicing process, Jessica was next to me to ensure that I do not fall or hurt myself accidently. From her, I also learned how to become a better yoga teacher, to give students the sense of security.


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