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Hold Chaturanga Dandasana for 3 mins! (YTT weekend -Ivy)

I overheard that at the final asana exam, the examiner will intentionally asks students to keep certain pose for “long” time. Chaturanga is one of the most “favorite” poses. This pose requires strong core, arms, shoulders, and back. It was said student may need to hold Chaturanga for minimum one minute, the purpose of that is not to see how strong students are, but if the student (future Yoga teacher) can practice safely so eventually can help their students to find variation, practice it gradually and safely, meanwhile getting stronger and stronger. I wanted to share something I learned from this perspective, so I would able to safely hold this pose for 3 mins with prop, until one day my endurance allows me to hold this pose without any help.

For beginner who does not have strong enough core, arms and back, yoga blocks and the wall are really good prop. The way is to put yoga blocks under both stomach and pelvis wall, under forehead (if needed), then adjust hands position with both palms right next to side of stomach, ensure elbows are 90 degree. Then, extend two legs and using feet to push against the wall with heels pointing to the ceiling, straighten back towards the head direction, engage core, with natural breathing, keep this pose for 60 seconds.

I believe along with this practice, I will get stronger, can eventually remove the yoga blocks gradually. This pose is so useful to build beautify well defined arms, shoulders and abs. Want to have beach body, chaturanga is the answer. 🙂