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How can we do yoga gracefully?

In yoga practice, people love to pursue those difficult postures blindly, including myself:) I have no patience to repeat those fundamental postures day by day. Just wanna get to do split or inversion immediately. Frankly speaking, I don’t even bother to do pranayama breathing during my routine practice. Also not keen to keep doing surya namaskar routine. I just wanted the instructor to help me train up the core and can achieve those difficult postures then take nice pictures:P
After I joined for YTT200 course then I realized that asanas are used to precipitate, not to challenge. As chinese saying 水到渠成,the fundamental practice is very important for yoga practice, even the breathing technique and gazing point also play important parts while doing asana.
Yoga may begin with a focus on the body, but it will eventually lead to our awareness of consciousness. Should feel the combination of asana and body, feel the balance between strength and flexibility, relaxation of the body and concentration of the mind. Yoga requires continuous practice and self-discipline. Even if you practice less, it is still better than not practicing. But neither is as good as the right practice.
After all, we don’t only aim to achieve those difficult postures and most importance, we wanna practice yoga in a grace way.