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How do you stay grounded?

During day 1 of YTT we got asked the question of what yoga is for us, no answer being wrong.

To me, yoga is an honest meeting with myself that helps me let go of all those unnecessary thoughts such as over analyzing a comment, the future – helping me enjoy the present instead.

Yoga today can at times, depending on how, where and by whom it is practiced by be focused on the physical body mainly.

For me yoga works as a holistic practice where “superficial” aspects play less of a role. The time I spend on my yoga mat often gives me a glimpse of something more – that feeling of love and harmony that always exists on the inside. It connects me to my emotions and reminds me of all the basic things in life; appreciating the energy being shared in the room with fellow classmates, breathing deep breaths, feeling pride in building a strong body for a bigger purpose of being able to carry myself in whatever life has to bring.

Something that helps me stay grounded in life is to always ask the questions of:
-For who am I doing this?
-Why am I doing this?

If that Instagram post works in a way of giving us a split second dose of happiness we need to go back to the questions above. We all have to create are own helpful/reminding tools that help us stay grounded..