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How does time go so fast…

Received the email yesterday about what we need to do in the coming two weeks (or should l say the last two weeks of our YTT) really gave me a heads up on what is the reality – we are gonna finish our Yoga Teacher Training course soon and we will be teaching for real! It’s very scary to think that we are on our own, facing clients/students who you know nothing about.

All of a sudden I feel this “anxiety attack”.. a lot of “what ifs” run through my mind – what if I can’t create the right teaching sequence? What if my students don’t feel the benefit from my classes? What if I can’t remember what I’m gonna teach? What if I forgot how to do the adjustment for different poses?.. what if…what if…what if..

I have to say I have learnt a lot from my YTT course so far and feel I’m growing and getting stronger everyday, but yet to teach on my own and be the person to lead the whole yoga class is still a new concept to me. I really want to feel totally confident in myself and to enjoy every moment in the classroom teaching my students. I’m not sure if I could meet my own expectations at this point. I think at the end of the day, what we can do is just to trust ourselves and that our students can trust us through the confidence we show them. I finally realized that I should not worry too much about what’s ahead of me. I just need to focus on my learning process and maximize what is left for me to learn in the coming two weeks. And I hope I can use what I have learnt from my YTT to help as many people as I can.