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How I found yoga and what it means to me (1)

I came across yoga casually through a gym membership. The then me was more interested in other high intensity sports like running, body combat etc. Then, about 3 years ago, having bummed by foot from wearing high heels, i realized the aftermath of it made things like running long distance and HIIT somewhat harder to do. The pressure on the foot then was real. I decided to look into low impact activities as a form of exercise.

Then I chanced upon a yoga studio offering a 1 month trial at $49. I grabbed at the opportunity, using that 1 month pass as a 2016 new year resolution – to see how many classes I could attend in that one month. I went for 17 classes that month, of which the majority were 7am classes on weekdays. I surprised myself and found that I actually liked going for yoga. I liked that hot classes made me sweat and had a detoxifying effect. I loved how Vinyasa classes were strong yet graceful practice. And how Ashtanga almost killed me every time, but yet had almost always made me wanna go back and try it all over again. At the same time, this got me started at a new habit of going for early morning yoga. It became a sacred time I had for myself during the work week and it still is for me today, 3 years later.

To me, yoga is a form of moving meditation. Depending on which part of the day I practice, it allows me to take away the stresses and multitasking of the busy work day (lunch hour or after work practice). It also prepares my mind and mood for the work day (morning practice). I like that I can just focus on practicing during that hour, and genuinely be grateful that I’m able to make time on the mat to flow.

The other part that rings true to me is a combination of the quote by K. Pattabhi Jois, which is “Practice and all is coming” and well as patience in your practice. In many ways I’ve seen this come true in my own practice. I may not be strong nor flexible when I first started, but slowly and surely with enough practice and awareness, one day I will get there. If I can’t get into the pose today, I should not force or dwell too much into it, as my body may not be ready or open or aware enough for the pose. However I should keep trying next time – in a safe and sustainable way – and keep in mind the journey of getting there someday.

In essence, I found yoga a sustainable form of exercise that can teach me a myriad of lessons. I hope this learning never ends and that in future with this YTT, I would be able to inspire and spread whatever I’ve learnt to others as well.

Janice @jannypenny
Sep 2018 Weekend YTT

(Backdated thoughts from my make up theory class on 5 November 2018)