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How Yoga Helps In The Digestive System

A healthy digestive system is all about proper digestion, absorption and elimination. It not only ensure we effectively absorbs nutrients from our food but also extremely important for a healthy immune function. The digestive process begins primarily in the stomach and it includes the pancreas, the liver and biliary system. Various enzymes and bio acid combine with stomach acid work together to become the process of digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Additional nutrients are then absorbed in the middle and lower intestine and the remains are passed on through the colon. The toxins and wastes are eliminated and fluids are reabsorbed. Without healthy digestive system, our body cannot absorb maximum nutritional content from the food. Besides it can lead us as malnourished, it can also create problem to our immune system.
Yoga asanas along with breathing exercises help us cleanse the body of toxic materials formed due to wrong diet, unhealthy and accumulated stress. It improves Agni, system. Forward bending asanas such as Paschimottanasana, uttanasana and pavamukhasana helps us to relieve the problems such as constipation and bloating by massaging the internal organs and releases trapped gases and gets the bowels moving. Twisting asanas wring out toxins and stress that allow fresh blood to enter the digestive system. They also massage and cleanse the liver. They are good for releasing gas pain, bloating and improving waste elimination. Gentle backbends such as camel pose, cobra pose, bow pose lift the diaphragm and extend the abdomen and increase blood supply to the abdominal organs and also massage and tone them. It also helps in digestion.
Pranayama ‘breathing exercises’ also opens up blocked areas of energy, which can also be the cause of digestive problems.
In addition to various functional improvement in our digestive system by doing yoga, it can also help us to attain a light and supple body, fat reduction and increased physical strength, improved appetite. So why don’t we do yoga and getting ourselves an opportunity to enhance our health.

Thida (IHA Student)