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Humble: Titus

I was playing competitive softball for over 20 years. I thoroughly enjoyed “action-packed
exercises.” I have never considered yoga as it seems too slow and boring. My exercise regime
naturally gravitated to things like spin, boxing, and High-Intensity Interval Training. Filled
with adrenaline, I begin to feel something was missing, and I lack a sort of peace.


I started practicing yoga for three years before YTT at The Yoga Mandala. My yoga practice
has been mainly in mega studios and on YouTube. At this point, my focus in my practice was
simply to get into the poses like they were a bucket list for me to achieve.


At the end of the first day of my YTT journey with Jessica, I was deeply humbled. I left the
studio feeling defeated. My fundamentals of the physical aspect and the mental part have
been wrong. For example, Chaturanga is not just a push-up. There are so many details to it.
Yoga is not about simply getting into the pose but understanding my body and applying
modification to progress into the poses.


Unlearn and Re-learn. I am deeply HUMBLE.


What yoga has taught me: Stay humble and always keep an open mind.


200HR YTT May’21