Ida on emotions

I’m spending my Saturday evening on the sofa, thinking about yoga… What asanas I should incorporate in my next sequence, how I can improve in my own practice, what I can improve for in the next class I’m teaching, how to eventually nail that handstand etc etc. Yoga is pretty much all that has been on my mind since I started my YTT 3 weeks ago. I even dream about yoga.

It’s been 3 weeks of blood (yes, a nosebleed from a headstand accident 😅), sweat (my fellow students will tell you the copious amounts I sweat during practice) and tears.

For I have cried during these 3 weeks like I’ve never cried before. All the physical practice, breathing exercises and meditating has brought a lot of stuff up to the surface, things I didn’t even know were buried down there.

It’s not only been sad tears though, far from. I find myself feeling wide open these days. I cry happy tears, angry tears, frustrated tears… you name it, there’s just no stopping me 😂

For years I’ve carried a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders, neck and jaw and in this short period of time it has improved so much. Letting go of tension really is such a relief!

It’s a rare thing to find a place where you feel totally comfortable and free to share your innermost fears and joys. I feel so blessed to have found such a place in The Yoga Mandala, and to have made friends who share this journey with me 🙏🏼❤️