Ida on teaching

We had friends and family coming in for classes on Monday and Tuesday this week and I think we all did well! It’s so good to get that practice at the studio, with the support from your classmates and teachers, before going out into “the real world”. I really appreciate all the feedback I got, both positive and negative, as it will help me improve and become a better teacher in the end.

We all had quite a lot of beginners in our classes, which is a real challenge. Not only do you have to remember your sequences, but to also show them how the asanas are supposed to be executed and at the same time align the students…. there’s a lot going on at the same time! I was sooo tired after my classes. Or rather, right after the class I felt so pumped, buzzing and high off the energy created. But then I just crashed, haha! I’m hoping this will get better with more experience! I admire teachers that have multiple classes in a day. It takes a lot out of you as you want to give each student your best!

Today was our asana exam, and we all passed it. Now I have only to complete the theory part before I’m officially a certified yoga instructor. I’m slightly nervous, but feel well prepared.

Fingers crossed!