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Igniting the passion for yoga sharing

Hitting a roadblock in my yoga journey, I have since embarked on YTT to take my journey to the
next chapter. This process has taught me immensely, expectantly in my theoretical knowledge
of yoga history, in my language understanding of the Sanskrit, in my technical understanding of
the physical asanas and in my experiential awareness of pranayama in yoga practice.
However, it has also uncovered areas of growth for me in areas I never expected. One of which
was the joy of knowledge sharing. I never knew I’d enjoy sharing the knowledge of what I have
learnt to others who need it. Applying the knowledge and sharing it with others was the icing on
the cake of this YTT experience for me. I am by no means a good teacher, I stutter, I fear, I
stumble, I doubt, I fumble. But I enjoy having helped others in the poses. And I found myself
enjoying it most when I help people who are daunted to do yoga due to their injuries or
inflexibilities, by offering alternatives and options, and emphasizing progress not perfection as
the key to the practice.
I knew I have always wanted to share my yoga passion with people around me and have always
faced difficulties in encouraging people to join me as I almost always face the same answer that
they are not flexible enough. To which I always respond with “we don’t go yoga cos we are good
but cos we aren’t good”. However, YTT has opened my eyes to variations and options that may
make these poses less daunting and hence lower the barrier for these people to jump on the
bandwagon and get started on the journey of progression, and not perfection.

July’19 Weekend YTT