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Improving Posture with Yoga

This YTT has just been a string of breakthroughs one after another, week on week.
But my most memorable lesson would have to be the theory session on the spine.
We each had a turn to be inspected by our course mates, observing our bodies from
head to toe.


Besides my overpronated feet (which I knew about already), we discovered that my
hip is rotated and tilted slightly to the left, my right knee is hyperextended at rest, and
my shoulders hunch forward. Despite being righthanded, I also appear slightly more
muscular on the left side of my back. These, I concluded, were the product of me
carrying my son with my left arm for 2, nearly 3 years now.


Besides consciously adjusting my posture throughout the day, I’ve adopted a
newfound love for a few asanas to, hopefully, slowly correct these issues.


1) Standing Balances
Poses that require you to balance on one leg will help to develop strength in the
supporting leg. I have to be extra careful on my right leg to maintain a micro bend in
my right knee and continue engaging the muscles in the leg instead of relying on a
hyperextended knee.
2) Spinal Twists
When performed correctly, spinal twists encourage spinal mobility and can help
relieve lower back pain. I've been reminding myself to lengthen the spine before
rotating further, to avoid further spinal compression (because of flat back).
3) Single-Arm Strength Building
Vasithasana (Side Plank) and its different variations are super helpful in evening out
the muscular strength of both sides of the body.


One of the things I love about yoga is how it helps me understand my body better.
Every body has some sort of an imbalance, every body has something they have to
work on. Now, I plan my sequences for my personal practice with a clear focus on
improving my posture and balancing out my strength. Instead of chasing the physical
poses, I remind myself that it is more important to consider how I feel and not fixate
on how I look.


200HR YTT May’21 Weekday