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Incorporating yoga philosophy in my daily life

They say when you get bored of yoga, you are only practicing one limb of Yoga which is the Asanas translation to poses or posture.

There are 8 limbs of yoga and each can help us deepen the human experience and allow it to be a guide to life rather than a rule to follow. Each limb provides some sense of structure to how we should treat ourselves as well as others.

Upon self-introspection something that I felt I needed to work on more was my passive aggression, impatience and the sense of entitlement I sometimes felt I projected in my daily life.

No one is perfect, so the first step toward change is acceptance. I needed to practice Svadhata which means to hold no judgement and provide sacred self-examination of myself.

Santosha means contentment in the utmost, to practice being here and now not missing the moments that are available to us when we are too pre-occupied with chasing the future or dwelling on the past. Be here now.

Lastly, Tapas which means discipline, to show up even when you don’t want to. To put the time into the things that are sacred to me, to do it with intention and confidence rather than treating it as a meaningless goal. Learning about the limbs of yoga has helped me to remember and recognize the things that fulfil me.

What happens after practicing them all? Well, one reaches a nirvana also known as Samahdi.

200 Hour YTT Oct’20