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Inversion is a type of yoga poses where the heart is higher from the ground than the head. I have never
ever thought of it I will practice it one day. And now, thank you TYM, I literally learn from YTT a little by
little on how to engage the core, gluts and entire body to lift up ourselves or make ourselves up side
down. It’s kind of different experience and feeling. However, there are definitely some risks to practice
these yoga poses. Always prepare to and get use to fall or injured yourself, eventually you will enjoy the
moment when you lifted yourself up. Face the fear when you practice it and never give up. Once you
make it upside down, inversions definitely are greatest way to boost your confidence and remind you of
your greatness. Be patient with yourself and take the time to master them. If you do, you will reap their
benefits for the rest of your life. Because every time when you practice inversion, it will buildup your
confident, and make you stronger to see the progress of yourself to the next phase.

Zenn Lim
200 Hour YTT Oct’20