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It always seems impossible until it’s done: Shuyan

Before coming to the YTT class, I could not do pushups, never imaged myself doing Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-limbed Staff Pose). After one month, magically, this pose becomes very easy and natural for me. Jessica gave us very detailed step-by-step practicing guide to help us building our shoulder and core muscles.


I started with knees down pushups with block under my chest, then gradually reduced the height of the block. Initially, I had some problems like elbows going outwards and lacking strength in my upper arms. I tried to engage my whole arms during each practice and be present. I also could not do the 3 sets in one video and had to take break after each set. During the process, I learned how to listen to my body and be comfortable with it.


After one week of practicing 3 sets of 10 easy push-ups and one minute plank, I could already see huge improvement in my following class. By simply following the homework instructions, one can really surprise himself with the things he could achieve.


Our body is adaptive, don’t overthink, focus and practice, you will reach the goal!


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend