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It’s About Grasping the Process (Shuping)

More than 3 weeks of YTT has passed, and I can feel myself getting much stronger mentally and physically. I have a better sense of self awareness, and also experienced activating one of my chakras after doing 6 rounds of prone sequence, feeling immerse heat in my belly during Savasana in an air-conditioned room. Though still feeling unbelievable and shock, it was definitely an eye opener for me.

While I have definitely progressed during these few weeks, a part of me is still feeling unsettled and unready. What is next after graduating from this YTT? I’m surrounded with uncertainties and sometimes doubts in myself. There are many poses that I have difficulty in doing, how can I teach?

I was having great difficulties performing Tittibhasana and Jessica recommended using blocks to assist, which eventually helped me to be able to come to the starting pose. We were also taught to learn how to analyze the muscles required to be engaged in each of the poses in order to know how to do the poses.

There is definitely a lot more to learn in yoga. But through these experiences I’ve definitely learn to shift my mindset a little. It’s not about how many asanas you can do and how well you do them, instead, it’s really about how you can grasp the process in doing them, and be able to break them down in to steps to teach and help yourself or someone else to successfully get into the pose.