It’s all about the foundation work – 3/6 Claire

We are at our 12th class in YTT course today. It sounds really crazy, as time really flew past in a blink of an eye. The fear that our exam is nearing us in around 1 more month’s time is rather overwhelming at times, especially when i see how our classes now are focusing more on the teaching and arranging of class sequencing.

In the past weekend and this weekend’s classes, there were more core and foundation work being done. It is preparation for our body to get stronger in order for us to perform more demanding asanas later. The asanas looks daunting, just like how i felt towards headstand initially. But as i focus, remembering the details to note in attempting the asanas, and just trying it without letting too much fear getting into me, bit by bit, i am getting better at the asana. Now my next challenge would be baby bakasana which i felt the pain on my triceps from my knees sitting on it was so unbearable for me. I need to get stronger at my core muscles, arm muscles and wrist strength.

It is true when the old saying goes: “Ten years of practice for one minute on the stage.” Imagine all the hard work done in order to prepare and get into the asana. Truly respect the determination, persistance, perseverance and focus by all practitioners in their own practices.

Looking forward to getting stronger physically and mentally with all my YTT mates onboard.

With metta,

Claire Tay