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It’s been a while…

… Since I last blogged.

Typing in this space brings back a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. I keep (kept, to be specific) a WordPress blog too, and the last entry posted was probably 5 years ago.

It’s also been a while since I got out of bed before 7am EVERY weekday. It’s no easy feat; I give myself a huge pat on the back ? and I should really make this a habit even after YTT ends.

My very first encounter with yoga was probably in university. I was browsing the App Store for and came across this free “Pocket Yoga” app. I listened to the instructions and followed the movements of the in-app instructor, which was really just an illustration. I’ve always assumed yoga to be some form of a stretching exercise (oh boy was I wrong, SO wrong). Yes indeed I had a gooooood stretch, though coming to think of it now, I might have been stretching wrongly. Also, half the time I was trying to balance… And thinking why the heck the routines must be repeated for so many times…

But that’s all in the past okay.

To date, we are 4 weeks into YTT and I’m lovin it. Yoga is wayyyy more than just stretching and exercise — Yoga is the union of the mind and body; about awareness and being mindful.

Yoga keeps me grounded.

@yourflexiblefriend, Dora.