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Jan – (4) On Balance

My first Community Class was centred on the idea of balance – easily preached, yet really difficult to practise, and carries a multitude of meanings to different people.


Definition 1 – to be in a position where you stand without falling to either side. (A “simple” definition.)

Maybe when we’re on two feet, we’re not exactly falling, but are we leaning?

When we were learning about the human body last week, it became apparent that everyone’s body is imbalanced. We’re all crooked somewhere! So what do we do?

It all begins with awareness, after which we can figure out how to fix ourselves. We were all learning how to stand, sit and walk again. (Thing is, we always look to others to fix us. Ain’t gonna work, bruh. Cos once that person’s gone, we’re back to being crooked again.)

Note to self: Got to fix myself, consciously, every minute of every day.


Definition 2 – to give several things appropriate amounts of importance, time, or money, so that a situation is successful.

Limitless wants, limited resources. There’s only so much of you. So, what is really needed? Again, we need to be cognisant first before we can decide on the appropriate distribution of personal resources. This is the quote I shared after class that day – “Somehow, we’ll find the balance between whom we wish to be, and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”

Note to self: Don’t obsess. Beware of tunnel vision. Reflect on what’s truly important.


Definition 3 – a state equilibrium

In yoga, there’s an ongoing trade off between concentrating on the pose and letting go of the mind and letting your body do the work. As with anything in life.

The world around us moves, whether we like it or not, so its impossible for us to be completely still. Sometimes, when the mind insists on stillness, the less stillness we get. I suppose there has to be some fluidity when we try to find our centre admist all this fluctuation.

Note to self: Jangan tension.


Next time you’re practising yoga and think you’re balanced, try closing your eyes!

Next Comm Class – handstands. You ready? Am I???


Here’s to finding our centre (with good humour and patience, not frustration)!


Love, Jan @saltfrosted