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Jan – (3) On Connection

Jess said that Yoga means union – of the mind, body and spirit.


We’re beginning to create our own sequences now and

everything that we’ve been learning is coming together –
Chakras, Pranayama, Asanas, instructions, physical adjustments, the human body…


Everything is connected – what we do, what we think and how we feel.


It’s obvious that our mind controls our body. I’m sure most of us are aware that the mind is so strong it can even control our emotions.
Yet, we often allow our body and emotions to control our minds. (Yea, me too.)


However, practising yoga has brought my mind a sense of calm and focus (bonus muscles too).

The mind and the body becomes more synchronised, and with it, the spirit.

I’m still working on it; but if I could, it’s an experience I‘d love to share.


If practising yoga could help us see the world and our place in it

with greater clarity and appreciation,

then why not?


Everything is connected – me, you and everyone else.


Everyone I’ve encountered in the seasons of my life has played a part in leading me here.

And the people I’ve spent the last three weeks of YTT with have been nothing short of a community.

They’ve made me feel loved and belonging.


Yoga has a way of connecting energies,

when movement and breath synchronise,

not only within ourselves but with others.


If I could play a part to help others find connection,

then why not?


Love, Jan @saltfrosted