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Jan – (6) On Gratitude

Coming to the end of YTT is defo bittersweet.

My heart is so full! (Why these people all so good-hearted???)


Gratitude is the affirmation of goodness. So, here goes.


Thank you, JESS: For being such an earnest teacher;

for giving us your 100% every minute of the hours, regardless of the gazillion things you may have had going on;

for sharing your wisdom;

for practising what you preach and being real.


Thank you, ALEXIS: For your unassuming and steadfast presence;

for settling all the things that need to be done but may not be seen or acknowledged;

for taking care of us kindergarteners;

for your assuring words and precious smiles (which are confirm genuine cos rare lol).


Thank you, ASH: For being so candid and open;

for bringing out the bubbly in me and making me feel comfortable to show my crazy.

for caring about my well-being.


Thank you, CAROLIN: For being so level-headed;

for your tactful honesty in sharing your thoughts;

for emanating resilience and composure (I feel calm just being near you).


Thank you, JAS: For your pure heart and righteousness;

for being a good listener;

for inspiring me to be kind and thoughtful.


Thank you, KEXIN: For your voice;

for being unafraid to raise questions or concerns so that we may all learn;

for giving me an alternative perspective.


Thank you, KRITHIKA: For your perseverance;

for being generous in sharing your knowledge about Sanskrit and yoga philosophy


Thank you, NATALIA: For being so endearing;

for showing me the power of determination;

for being my first Russian friend.


Thank you, REENA: For being down-to-earth;

for being the humble constant;

for inspiring me to balance my Vishuddha


Thank you, XUAN: For being the first to stay back and revise with me;

for our fruitful discussions;

for taking my burns in your stride and being a true bro.


Most of all, THANK YOU ALL for accepting me and helping me grow.

I’ll definitely miss spending so much time with y’all, but I’m sure we will keep in touch!

Can’t wait to see where life takes us all.

To infinity and beyond!


Love, Jan @saltfrosted