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Jan – (5) On Growth

At the beginning of YTT, Jess uttered this phrase several times, “the body changes very fast (one)”.


It’s week 5 now and as I was watching my course mates fool around after class just now,

I couldn’t help but feel the warm sensation of wonderment.

It wasn’t just because their bodies have grown so much stronger.

But their spirit too.


The transformation is MADDD (good mad)!

We’ve been challenged – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Every one of us stepped outside our comfort zone,

which is ironically inside one’s own body and mind.

And when we found the right amount of trying and trusting,

look what has happened!


Sometimes, we don’t see it – our growth,

or we refuse to acknowledge it because we can be quite hard on ourselves.

We just need someone to get close enough to say, “Look at what you just achieved!”

And it’s a blessing that everyone has been so sincere in giving one another feedback.

(I’m saving the ‘Thank You’s for my next post.)


“There is no royal road to anything.

One thing at a time, all things in succession.

That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.

That which grows slowly, endures.”

– Josiah Gilbert Holland


Love, Jan @saltfrosted