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Jan – (1) On Peace

YTT had been gnawing on my mind for a long time.


In that time, I had been searching for some kind of perfection,
waiting for the right time – for the excuses to weaken,
for the fear to dissipate,
for peace.


In that time, I think I had forgotten how to love life.


Until it was enough.
Some things made me look at myself in the mirror and dig deep.
There was never going to be a right time.
The fear would never vanish.
And peace was something I should’ve found in every present moment,
instead of some distant future.


Here I am, at Yoga Mandala, doing my YTT
and suddenly, I find myself existing more in every moment,
every breath, and every experience.
I am so (damn) thankful.


May I remember to find the peace to exist fully
within the fluctuations of life,
to accept all that I am,
and all that I am not.


Peace to share with all.


Love, Jan @saltfrosted