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Jastine (2/6)

Today felt like the longest day I had ever gone through in my entire life. Ok maybe not entire life, but in awhile. I have never been a careless person but of all things, I dropped my wallet today while on the way to the studio. I followed the route that I came from, attempting to trace back my lost wallet but to no avail. Losing it really hurt because it was a gift from my sister. But I guess the reason for this post tonight is really that I managed to separate my emotions and not let anything affect class today.

I just did not want to impose on anybody by feeling sad. But guess what. Just as I learnt to accept the fact that my wallet could possibly be gone forever, a miracle happened. A kind auntie (about 50 to 60 year-old according to my dad who retrieved it from her) appeared at my doorstep and returned my wallet in one piece. Apparently, she was chasing after me from behind wanting to return me my wallet in the morning but I was on my headphones and I could not hear her. She told my dad that she could not chase far (due to old age) so she decided to leave for work and only returned it when she ended work. Now I feel bad for being so ignorant and making an old lady run and call out for me?!