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Jastine (6/6)

Dedicating my final post to trainer, Jessica, Alexis and my batch mates. To Jessica, for being so patient and so willing to impart your knowledge to us. This means a lot to me, and I am sure, to us, so thank you on behalf of all of us. To Alexis, for all the beautiful pictures that you have taken of us, and for being so super helpful each time we approach you. It seems as though that we can approach you for anything and everything and you just know what to do each and every time!

To Janice, your drive and passion for yoga have impacted all of us. You are always so on fire, and it pushes me to want to do better too. To ash, for always French braiding my hair (hahahaha) and for being so sweet and caring all the time. To Reena, it means a lot to me each time you encourage me. You are so humble and you have so much to give to each and every one of us. To Krithika, for always laughing alongside me. I hope you will forgive me for asking you to ‘stay there’ (in a weird position) after realising that you could not come into a bind. To Kexin, for being my coffee break buddy haha but no, for always trying to advise me. You are very sweet. To Xuan, for helping me improve in my pincha and for being super encouraging as well. I will never understand how you bother writing so much in an Instagram post but you do you. To Natalia, you are so funny. I love your humour. You have a really cute smile and I thank you for your generous compliments. To Carolin, you are so strong and there is just so much to learn from you. Honestly, you speak really well and all you need now is a little more confidence!

Thank you everyone for being a part of my yogi journey :’)