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Jiazhen_3+1 Things to To Expect in YTT200

Asanas, Asanas, More Asanas.

Pushing through your physical grit and hitting that mental state is absolutely trying.

Have you found yourself aching after a long hard workout? Well be prepared for at least 2 and a half hours of physical practice, every single day. But hey, you’ll come out stronger from this. Physically and mentally.

Theory? Yes, theory.

After a full morning of Asanas, prepare your mind for an afternoon of the most interesting insights about Yoga. If you practiced yoga asanas (physical postures) and hardly read up on the tradition at all, you’ll find out that there are 8 Limbs of Yoga, from the ancient Yogic texts by Patanjali, and Asana is just one of them. Get to know the difference between Yama and Niyama, Prana, and Pranayama and more!

Overcoming that fear of Teaching.

Source: BeYogi
Ever imagined yourself standing in a full class of students, teaching for an hour? Well, with the skills you’ve learned, you’ll realise that the fear stems from unpreparedness and unfamiliarity. Believe in yourself, and apply the skills – you’ll be alright! Failed, made mistakes? Try again! With practice, you’ll get better.

New friends

Most importantly, you’ll come out of a Yoga Teacher Training course with friends who share the same passion as you for Yoga. And the best thing is, you guys practice and get through all the above hurdles together – you’re never alone!