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Jiazhen_Afterthoughts: Teaching my First Yoga Class

The first time it hit me, I was in one of my course-mate’s 1 hour final teaching assessment class.

“Wait a minute”, I thought.

Soon it will be my turn, 1 more month. Then we’d have a go at our first 1 hour class.

Boy, was I unprepared at that moment.

Fast forward to 23 July, it was lunch time in the office, on a Monday afternoon.

I got the text telling us our teaching slots have been allocated. The moment I saw that text, my heart went into panic mode. Oh. My. God. I am so nervous. The last time we tried to take a video of myself teaching a pose, I felt like burying my head in the ground for lack of a better description. Watching myself on video made me cringe! But then the more I practice, the more the “cringyness” wore off.

Perhaps… it’d be the same for teaching?

4 August. That’ll be my first class!

“I’m going to do this!”, I told myself.

I prepared for a beginners’ sequence, taking time to run through the sequence again and again in my mind and in my free time.

Had a bunch of friends come in to the studio on the day itself and thankfully, my teacher Jessica Sinclair did a great job at teaching us to be prepared… my first try wasn’t perfect but it was exhilarating! Teaching my first class just felt so good and I was so glad to be able to help my friends explore yoga. I think I got a little too excited and made them hold forearm planks while blasting Taylor Swift, amidst a playlist of chill hop, white noise and a random outburst of KPOP (SISTAR). I loved how the class reacted to my funky music! I think catchy beats help distract the mind a little when you’re working your body hard. I had a blast and sincerely thank everyone for sharing their beautiful energy and practice. ♥️? Plus, some of them left me with sweet, kind words after class. Nothing better than to hear positive words from your students!