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Journey #3

24/11/2018 is the day I taught a public class.


Before my class, my heart palpitated out of high nervousness. I couldn’t think straight and neither can I remember my own sequence. I skipped lunch to be alone to calm and remember my sequence.


As I see my friends coming in, I was at the peak of my anxiety! I stuttered  a little when I speak and I just could not stay composed and calm.


All of a sudden, kristine came into my mind. I remembered how calm and composed she was when she led her first public class. She was also extremely nervous, but she manage to overcome that and stay focused in her teaching. I had to do that.


As the class went on, I managed to quell my anxiety by immersing myself in the joy and fun of teaching!


I am glad that I had to teach a public class because it compels me to put others above myself, builds my confidence and improves my communication skills. Though I had to modify my sequence significantly, I was shock with the fact that I was happy about it. Knowing that my ego is pretty high, I thought my irritated face will manifest because I love to challenge people. But nope. For the first time, I am able to strip that ego away and genuinely want to help others to feel good in class.