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Journey #4

on the 25th, I taught an ultra-beginner class.




People from different backgrounds, age and strengths came and I got to say, it was really a challenging and humbling experience for me. I totally changed my sequence and went with the flow as I evaluated the students’ strength and flexibility.


Being the good teacher I aspire to be, I want yoga to be very accessible to anyone and everyone. I had to think on my feet on what should I plan next and how should I get them into it? Most importantly, what are the benefits of doing certain poses, so that they understand and hopefully, do it at home if they wanna release tension in their mind and body.


Moreover, I felt even more confident and comfortable teaching. I really enjoy aligning them as well hahaha! Its like showing love to them when you manage to get them to melt into a pose and feel the great benefits of it ( loosening tension, strengthening certain muscles , etc )