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Journey #5

One more weekend till I’ve graduated ( if i can pass all my exams with flying colors hahahaha ). I honestly do not know how to feel about this.


Ive been spending my weekend mornings for the past 3 months  with Jessica, Alexis and my YTT classmates, and I am getting used to this routine, despite a rather happening night before.

Throughout this YTT journey with them, I grew pretty attached to some of them because we literally went through all the good and tough times, and shared the smiles, laughter ,sadness and tears together. I would not have been able to persevered till the end without their encouragement and immense help.



I remember how Leo took the initiative to get a space for us to practice our practical exams on each other so that we will feel more ready. I am honestly glad that happened. The practice helped us to be ready but more significantly, the night strengthens the bond among us. The jokes shared and the muffins Kristine got to reward everyone for their hard-work.