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Journey #6

Gratitude. Inspired by Leo


This is going to be a an intimate post by me because I want to express my gratitude to these friends who have shaped my thoughts, and ultimately myself.


First of all, I am immensely thankful to both Jessica and Alexis for being great trainers. Your wisdom and knowledge have truly inspired all of us.  Jessica, you left a lesson that resonates with me, and it will always always be etched in my head. You taught us that our obstacles are our self-constructed fears, and how to get over that. In the context where most people around me are rather pessimistic about life, your wisdom is the light that helps me to see that our world is how we perceived it, and success only comes if we can overcome the obstacles. Apart from your wisdom, your knowledge in Yoga and how to do certain transitions have definitely make me a stronger and confident practitioner.  I really respect you !!

Alexis, I’ve always felt this warm and motivated feeling whenever you notice our progress and praise us. I dont know why. Maybe its because I’ve always found you pretty intimidating. Despite that, I know that you are really a sweet trainer, and I also really respect you a lot. Thank you for showing concern when you felt that I was struggling. Thank you for providing the strength for us to carry on.


To my dear classmates, thank you all for accepting me for who I am. Though I am the youngest and childish, all of you have never ever saw me as a little kid and just ignore. In fact, your acceptance and help have helped me greatly when I couldn’t understand who I am. I admit, my energy level is crazy high and not all of you could appreciate that, but I still want to thank you for appreciating me anyway. I apologize if I could not express myself properly. There are so much to say but I just don’t know how to. I wish I have found the right words to say. But, meeting Melissa, Kristine, Charis, Anthea,Janice, Leo and Mario is the cherry on the cake.

The YTT journey maybe coming to an end soon, but I hope this is also the start of our friendship.


Once again, I love each and everyone of you and I appreciate who you are, regardless of what you are.