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Karina: Home Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) Yoga 

What a time we live in. This will definitely be a memorable YTT in life. First of all, very thankful to the The Yoga Mandala team for being able to shift training to online classes now that we are in our last month of training. Technology is great! Though, also really glad we were able to have our teacher training experience in the studio for the first two months.


Reading articles about how the pandemic has affected the world and the yoga & wellness industry shows how yoga classes have relied for years on instructions in person, an impactful live experience and hands on contact from teachers for body alignment and correction.


However, on the bright side we are learning how to connect digitally so all in all, we’ve had the opportunity to experience YTT from both the studio and currently through an online teaching experience should we want to apply both class methods as teachers ourselves in future.


It has also helped with daily sun salutation practices, pranayama breathing and meditation to get through home lockdown. It is truly a helpful and powerful mental tool and I’m understanding how this will bring peace of mind in any crisis or a busy work lifestyle. Even with the world slowing down, uncertainty seems to make the mind just as noisy.


Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.


Feb’20 Weekend YTT