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Karina: Paths of Yoga 

Since starting YTT, I’ve come to realise that I’m drawn to understanding the philosophy and belief system of yoga as much as the physical practice. While I’ve been raised Catholic, I also appreciate the spiritual practice presented in the paths of yoga that resonate with my current journey and life choices. 


In brief, the four paths of yoga are:


BHAKTI YOGA – response from a place of unconditional love 


KARMA YOGA – actions without reaction or expectation 


JNANA YOGA – yoga of knowledge 


RAJA YOGA – physical and mental union including all aspects of 8 limbs 


After reading more on each path, I’ve learnt that when a part of a personality is dominant, there’s more of an inclination to a particular path of yoga. As the journey of self progress expands along with experiencing external events, other paths will interlink.


Currently, I’m drawn to Karma yoga and the belief of releasing expectation within the practice as well as life. By removing expectation, it feels like we are taking responsibility for our own emotions and flowing with the timing of our body’s capabilities as well as actions and events around us. It also feels like a path that can help with the mentality to adapt as quickly as possible in an ever changing landscape.

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