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KC – Falling out safely (1/6)

03/08/2019 Day 9


I woke up before alarm rang at 5.30a.m today. I was worried about the lesson today – how to fall out safely from headstand.


Jessica drew a perfect one-legged forearm wheel pose on the board, saying this is the pose we are supposed to fall out from headstand safely into. Ah ha! I’ve never attempted a one-legged forearm wheel pose before! While I was busy handling my anxiousness, Jessica explained and demonstrated how to partner with a friend to practise the fall out.


And, the practice started!


No time to be anxious anymore, I knelt down, pressed both forearms all the way into the mat, my friend supported strongly on my left leg, and I somehow ended in one-legged forearm wheel, safely.
Ah-ha! My back, my forearms, and I survived! We practised a few more rounds. The confidence grew after each fall out.


I believe this technique (and the wall) will help me in my inversion practice.