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KC – I’m not strong enough, but I’m stronger now (6/6)

I’m never a person of strength, neither physically nor mentally. It took me years to be able to do Chaturanga, then took me years to gather the strength of courage to sign up for YTT.
I thought I’ve lost my precious time away by being slow in building strength. Now almost at the end of my YTT journey, I realised that I did not. Those years were spent to let my now self know my capabilities and my limit, to know I have the strength to do something I have not done before, and to know the strength will definitely come even if I don’t have it now.
I’m blessed to be in this YTT journey with Jessica being the most encouraging teacher. Ya u need someone who can push you out of your comfort zone in life.
I’m not strong enough, but I’m stronger now.
Wong Khai Chin
July’19 Weekend YTT