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KC – Scary Inversion (2/6)

I wrote that knowing how to fall out safely will help me in my inversion practice.


Believe me, I meant what I wrote. But when comes to practicing inversion, I forgot that belief.


When everything is upside down in your vision, you can think of nothing other than the fear of falling .


I don’t understand why I have this fear (I’m so short and my center of gravity is really not far from the mat lor!). I have the wall behind me, and I have the mat supporting me.  What I need to do is to press forearms firmly to the mat, tuck in ribs, tuck in tailbone, square the hips, look at the mat and kick up the legs.


But my legs never touched the wall, which is just 20cm away.


Jessica told me “Don’t think so much”.


For now, I will practise “dolphin” to condition my body. Let that feeling of going into inversion sink in more before I attempt inversion again.


The journey matters.