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KC – The Art of Yoga Sequencing (3/6)

Of course I’m not talking about MY Art of Yoga Sequencing. Mine is just at doodling stage. What I scribbled on paper is basically over-thinking and messy bits and pieces of yoga flows.


We were told to create our own sequence of yoga as homework. I remember I was very enthusiastic, wanting to create a perfect yoga flow for a particular chakra. Then, my enthusiasm burned away by my over-thinking mind. I kept staring on a blank Words file, no idea which asana to be used. By the time I finished typing a 30-min sequence, 4 hours had gone by.


What?! 4 hours! And that had not included the time of me going through my own sequence! I’m lacking in asana and anatomy knowledge, the experience of pacing the sequence, and the understanding of the seamlessness of flow. Probably I really need to sign up for yoga classes (I usually just practise at home). Cannot be 井底之蛙 (“frog in the well”) anymore.


So, I’m still far away from the ‘art’. I shall polish my doodling skill first, and test the sequences on myself, and on some innocent family and friends, and learn from mistakes. Ok this shall be the plan for now.