KonMari-ing (Cherlene 3)

Before getting married in December 2016, I bought the highly raved book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo. Anything with the word ‘magic’ attracts me, even if it is in the same sentence as ‘tidying up’. LOL.

MY LIFE DID CHANGE. I have managed to live clutter-free for nearly a year now, and I am pleased to report that I have successfully KonMarie-d my possessions. This is not a book review, BUT GO GET A COPY FOR A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE TOO.

As I navigated through the internet to learn more about the gurus and Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Yamas jumped at me.. especially Asteya and Aparigraha. Marie Kondo helped me get rid of old stuff and taught me how to organize my possessions, but she did not tell me how to remove the dark clouds over my head.

As a corporate recruiter in my previous life B.Y. (Before YTT), i learned to value time. My time was money. Time at work and money had a directly proportionate relationship. Sure, that new Hermes arm candy looked (and still does) gorgeous with my new Jimmy Choos… And yet, I could not figure why I was dissatisfied with my quality of life. I was not able to wrap my head around that question. I was slowly feeling unhappy with what I loved about my job, what I had built up over the years.

The day I walked into TYM for my YTT, my question was answered- I had been stealing from myself, I forgot to allocate time to improve the quality of my practice. I gave up those time for lunchtime fixes in my yoga studio – rushing out of the office for a class, only to see myself rushing to slap on some makeup on my face to rush back to the office. The day I learned to go makeup-less saw me letting go of my ‘corporate-face’ and accepting the ‘yoga-ed flush’. 4 weeks of no make up and 20 days of unscheduled ‘time slots’ later, I declared to my friends and ex-colleagues that I am never returning to the industry I loved so much. That also meant that I did not go shopping at Tangs 12% rebates weekend (happened during YTT, btw) to ‘stock-up’ more cosmetics and skincare products.. neither did I need a new bag/new shoes at the end of every 4 weeks as a mark of my success.

The bag I carry with me to class is getting emptier, my shoulder-ache is easing off slowly, my chest feels lighter and more free. The concept of ‘minimalism’ was a difficult thing for me to grasp, but I am proud to say, I think, I think, I am getting there..