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Krystal: Endless Journey

This is the last week of yoga teacher training. It’s a bittersweet moment. It is one of those
moments of “a chapter of your life coming to an end”, but yet it is the best time to figure out who
I am and who I truly want to be.

Some say that “every ending is the start of a new beginning” but I would like to see this as an
endless journey. It has been nothing short of amazing to learn with a bunch of strong like-
minded ladies, each with our distinctive styles, and we have clearly witnessed the growth
amongst ourselves in this short period of 15 weekends. Through asanas, we learnt how to
release tension in our bodies, how to breathe into poses, how to take flight and how to
sequence with purpose and teach with authenticity. Beyond asanas, we gained fascinating
knowledge about the evolution of yoga and the yoga philosophy of life aka Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of
Yoga. I truly enjoyed the course and I will bring everything with me as we continue on with our
lives and it is definitely not an end to the friendships forged.

Yoga has allowed me to go through a process of endless self-discovery; an eternal journey into
the centre of myself. The objective of the yoga teacher training – whether I become a yoga
teacher, doesn’t matter anymore. Here’s to discovering a life of endless possibilities!