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Krystal: Why Yoga?

“Why do you like yoga?” is a question that people often ask me.
“Yoga needs flexibility, I cannot do it”, “Yoga is so slow, I cannot keep up to it”, “Yoga is so
overrated, I cannot understand it” are a few common statements I usually hear from others.

Being someone who loves sports, I personally found yoga practice as a way of life and a perfect
harmony of strength, flexibility and endurance. This perfect balance from yoga allows me to train
at a higher level because my body can adapt to the range of motion and my fear of injury
lessens. Yoga also triggers my body’s adaptive and rejuvenating powers. It’s how each time I
ended the practice feeling much more energised, even though I have “worked out”.

Learning that yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul, it is interesting to see how it all
makes sense. Every movement on the mat is non-fragmented. My mind tells my body to move
in a certain way that feeds my soul. My body tells my mind when it is tired and to mindfully let go
my ego. Through the asana practice, I have gotten to know myself in the most incredible way.
This also made me realise that we don’t necessarily need a starting point for yoga.

Feb’20 Weekend YTT