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Last week of YTT

It has been a tough weekend. I received the news that my dear grandma suddenly passed away on Friday after class. I had to fly to Vietnam for her funeral on Saturday and came back on Monday. On top of that, This is the busiest week with the exams and the classes coming 🙁

I love yoga for the physical benefits in my body it hadn’t occurred to me that the benefits of yoga poses include easing the burden of the grieving process.I, now, find myself using meditation, the ujjayi breath to deal with grief and find peace these past few days. I found myself focusing on happy memories with grandma when I close my eyes and somehow the weight is lifting off my shoulder. It has been helping me maintain my sanity though it’s going to take time to heal. I will be dedicating my classes to her and make her proud since she has always been very supportive of me.