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Leo Yaik 2018 September 200 Hrs (1)

When my friends who had attended The Yoga Mandala’s YTT knew that I will be attending the course a few months back, everyone was super excited.

“You will enjoyed it!”

“It’s going to be fun!”

“There is so much to learn!”

It finally started, and they are right.

From first experiencing a 20-minute long Ujjayi breathing exercise, realizing I have been doing Uttanasana (Forward fold) poorly all along and having to learn a new language, every second was intriguing.

I can’t remember when was the last time I gave myself 20 minutes to disconnect from everything else. No media consumption, no mental thoughts juggling, no expectations to meet, nothing. Just me being still and giving my poor brain a rest. I could write an entire blog on this and it will be my next blog post. Stay tune!

You probably think you have heard every thing an instructor have to say when going into Uttanasana. “Fold from the hips”, “Place your tummy on your knees”,  “Don’t round your back”, ” Bend your knees <insert reason>”. I did my first Uttanasana during the course and immediately found out there is so much more to the pose. It’s going to be fun stretching out those hamstring.

What is so cool about about languages for me, is that it tells us alot about how we are connected, our origin and our evolution. Having to learn a bit of Sanskrit in this course reaffirmed my curiosity. For example, the word Surya from Surya Namaskar (which means Sun Salutation), has the same pronunciation as Suria; which also means Sun in Malay. This tell us that no matter how far apart we are, distance or time, we are connected one way or another.

I could continue writing and this is just the first week! Can’t wait for my next class and what new and fun things that is in store for me.

Till then, the Divine in me honours the Divine in you.

Leo Yaik @ahtut